How are Our Crystals Sourced?

Our ultimate goal is to create a product that makes you feel good and brings you peace of mind, and with that in mind, here are facts about our product you should know.

Our Crystals

The crystals used in our products are 100% natural. We use a variety of crystals and some are safe to use with water and some are not. Please check our guide: Which Crystals are Water Safe? For more information. We are constantly exploring for new crystals and products to add to our line up and welcome recommendations. Each crystal is hand cut, shaped, and polish so no two crystals will look quite the same. You may notice differences between your crystals and your friend’s crystal, but rest assured that each one was grown from the Earth and meticulously cut by hand. 

Sourcing Crystals and Our Supply Chain

Sourcing crystals is a complicated and opaque process due to the lack of regulation, regulatory bodies, and globalization standards. The crystal and gemstone industry as a whole struggle with transparency and the overall supply chain is not always evident. We are always in ongoing conversation that we are actively a part of because we believe that crystals are nature’s gift that we would never want anyone to take for granted.

Crystals, while gifts from nature, are not renewable resources similar to that of fossil fuels and inherently unsustainable. That is why we work with the industry to find ways to positively impact the land, the environment, and ultimately the communities, families, and people involved in mining and finishing the crystals we have. The Crystal Plant feels a great responsibility to ensure that the crystals you are using are being obtained in the most sustainable, ethical, and socially conscious way possible. 

We have invested a huge amount of time and energy into the research to better our understanding of the problems that the crystal industry faces in regards to sustainability. Right now, our crystals come from various mines in Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil, and Arkansas. By 2025, we want to establish exclusive relationships with select mines that either already have sustainability programs for their communities and their land in place or who are willing to implement such programs to better feature our sustainability commitments.

Sourcing Other Materials in Our Products

As with our sustainability commitments with crystals, we strive to use materials derived from recycle products in our packaging as much as possible. Our packaging always has been and always will be 100% recyclable.

Where are Our Products Made?

Our crystal products are made in China and every component of our products is handcrafted. We routinely visit the facilities where the Crystal Plant Products are made to understand what “Made in China” actually means. In our case, “Made in China” means working with a team of creative individuals who take pride in their work, understand what it means to make our product as well as other products more sustainably, and understand our mission to reduce waste. 

The Quality of our product is at the center of being and everything we create and do. Our products are some of the highest quality products you’ll find on the market. We have strict quality control measures in place from our manufacturing facility in China, to our mining partners, to our packaging, and to our shipping center and partners to make sure the product you are receiving is the best possible representation of our brand.

We value your experience so we are always talking with our customers and our vendors to improve our product. If you ever feel that we have failed our promise to deliver the highest quality product, we want to hear from you! Please contact us!